Stoneback, Inc. provides effective, reliable art direction and graphic design solutions at an affordable rate.

We like to art… We actually enjoy it. It’s the entire reason we exist. And now, we’ve been doing it for a diverse array of clients for over two decades. How is that?  We’re experienced. We’re reliable. We’re effective. We’d love to show you how that translates into a great experience letting Stoneback, Inc. handle your graphic design needs.

Stoneback, Inc. graphic design

Hold on to your hats… Actually, hats wouldn’t be of much use against a flying saucer with a weapon of such magnitude. But it’s a fun allegory regarding our effectiveness. Make first contact today and let Stoneback, Inc. help your brand decimate the competition with striking design that has an effective impact in the marketplace. 


Scribbles on a napkin… Some  design-related ideas and thoughts as they occur to me. At best: reflections on the creative process and my experiences as a graphic designer over the past few decades. At worst: delusional rants written in crayon on the back of a fast-food paper placemat.


Drawing things was one of my very first pastimes. From the first moment I could wield a writing utensil, I’ve brandished

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Party Time

Generally speaking, I’ve learned to adopt two “thanks-but-no-thanks” rules as a designer.  1) I don’t do wedding stuff. 2) I don’t

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