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Scribbles on a Napkin

You won’t find Ten Tips for Online Marketing Success, or How to draw a Brontosaurus in Five Easy Steps here. I’m not a career marketeer, and robots are way cooler than dinosaurs. This is just where I share some of my artistic experiences—personal and professional—in an attempt to help people gain some insight into the plight of the artistically-inclined.

What’s With All the Scribbles?

Yeah, so… all scribbles on my site…  Actually, they aren’t scribbles at all. They’re layers and layers of my actual handwriting. Why though? Like, many creatively-afflicted  types, all of my creative energy

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Drawing things was one of my very first pastimes. From the first moment I could wield a writing utensil, I’ve brandished it with varying degrees of success. Often when inappropriate. I’ve mentioned

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Party Time

Generally speaking, I’ve learned to adopt two “thanks-but-no-thanks” rules as a freelancer.  1) I don’t do wedding stuff. 2) I don’t do kids birthday invites. Although I am a soulless murderer of

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From Spark to Flame

Does your project require an original robot with a flaming microphone head and a body made out of music gear?. . . OK. Probably not. But this one did—and it was awesome.

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