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scribbles on a napkin

You won’t find “Ten Tips for Online Marketing Success”, or “How to draw a Brontosaurus in Five Easy Steps” here. I’m not a career marketeer, and robots are way cooler than dinosaurs. This is just where I share some of my artistic experiences—personal and professional—in an attempt to help people gain some insight into the plight of the artistically-inclined.

Whats With All the Scribbles?

Yeah, so… all scribbles on my site…  Actually, they aren’t scribbles at all. They’re layers and layers of my actual handwriting. Why though? Like, many creatively-afflicted  types, all of my creative energy

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Drawing things was one of my very first pastimes. From the first moment I could wield a writing utensil, I’ve brandished it with varying degrees of success. Often when inappropriate. I’ve mentioned

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Party Time

Generally speaking, I’ve learned to adopt two “thanks-but-no-thanks” rules as a designer.  1) I don’t do wedding stuff. 2) I don’t do kids birthday invites. Although I am a soulless murderer of

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From Spark to Flame

Does your project require an original robot with a flaming microphone head and a body made out of music gear?. . . OK. Probably not. But this one did—and it was awesome.

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