Stoneback, Inc. clients

Everyone’s Welcome

Just be cool in here… Having been a graphic designer for twenty years, I’ve done all kinds of projects for a diverse array of clients. Large tech companies, small businesses, local bands, and religious non-profits. Obvious things like logos, corporate publications, and marketing materials; but also some pretty niche things like golfball packaging, pill bottle labels, and martial arts t-shrts. Because of that, I’ve decided to showcase quite a few things that I’m proud of. They are divided into the following categories:

A WELL-OILED MACHINE: Anything involving multi-page layouts. E-pubs, magazines, books, catalogs, annual reports and corporate publications.
THINKING INSIDE THE BOX: Boxes, bottles, bags, wrappers, labels and cases.
CHECK THIS OUT: Business cards, white papers, brochures, t-shirts, illustrations, posters, signage and other promo materials.
THAT'S THE ONE: The main visual element that makes your brand instantly recognizable.